Fully air-conditioned, all-day uninterrupted power supply, super fantastic for meetups, seminars, training events.

For just N5,000 per hour, you can access our conference room for your use.

Unflinching Power Supply

Power supply is always at its peak. We provide our nesters with electricity to function all day without any hiccups whatsoever.

High Speed Internet

Internet is a major part of most businesses, and so we provide it for you at all work times for your effective operation.

Air Conditioned Space

Cool breeze and convenience is non negotiable if work is to be done, and we make sure that you do not lack in that area.


Don't Starve Access to Kitchen

Our kitchen comes equipped with comfortable seats, Microwave and a standby access to Coffee.


Access to Coworkers Professionals

Collaborate and brainstorm with professionals in various fields, be it design, marketing, IT or business, you have access to them all.


Dedicated Supports Support

Our entire staff and crew are at your service in case you need their help at any time. Simply walk up to any staff member and request help.


Flexible Payment

We allow for a flexible payment structure to accomodate both short and long term members. You can choose to pay Daily, Weekly or Monthly.